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UFC Agenda | UFC Minutes | Senate Agenda | Senate Synopsis

UFC Meeting Agenda 

Met with Senators Eric Cheyfitz, Matt Evangelista, Richard Bensel, and Risa Lieberwitz  to discuss these questions

  1. How do we handle educational programs that are a partnership between some unit on the Ithaca campus and Cornell Tech? There are a lot of them. Should they have each been reviewed by the Senate before going into operation? Only the ones for ugrads?
  2. If  a donor is interested in funding an academic initiative that spans two or more college-level units, then how should the conversation with the donor proceed in light of Article XIII?
  3. Do we need to revisit the charge to the Educational Policy Committee  and the Committee on Academic Programs and Policies?  If you look at the transcript from the April 2015 Senate where Resolution 107 On Shared Governance was discussed, there was a lot of concern over the definition of educational policy. Where is thatconversation now and can it be brought to a useful conclusion?
  4. What can we do beyond what is in Resolution 12 (Principles of Coopration) ? For reference, here is the May 2000 transcript where it was presented and discussed.
  5. Do we need more sense-of-the-senate resolutions? Regardless, how can we make them more effective?

UFC Meeting Minutes

Senate Meeting Agenda

Consent Items [2 min]

Speaker Chris Schaffer

Announcements  [5 min]  [ slides  ]

Charles Van Loan (Dean of Faculty)

Consensual Relationships Policy Committee [45 min] [slides  ]

Charles Van Loan (Dean of Faculty)
Anna Waywack (PhD Student, Medieval Studies)

Proposed Policy
Committee Website

Senate + Shared Governance: Open Discussion [40 min]  [ slides  ]

The discussion will revolve around the focus questions below. Before and after the meeting you can anonymously post  comments on these pages. Moderator and moderating method TBA.

Focus Question 1.  How do you interpret what the University bylaws say about  educational policy oversight?
Focus Question 2. What does that oversight imply about educational programs between Cornell Tech and an Ithaca campus unit?
Focus Question 3. Why does the 2016 Work Life Survey reveal faculty  skepticism of the administration?
Focus Question 4. Do we need to revisit what Senate committees do like  the  EPC and CAPP?
Focus Question 5. Are sense-of-the-senate resolutions the best way to communicate faculty thinking?

Just click on  the focus question, take a look at what’s on that page, and post your insight.

Senate Meeting Synopsis

A proposed consensual relationships policy was presented [  slides ]. Discussion revolved around the undergraduate-faculty ban (too stringent?) and the complexity of having an effective disclosure mechanism that was not intrusive. It was mentioned that there is considerable support among graduate students and others for having restrictions on grad-faculty relationships when both parties are in the same field or department. The Senate and all the other assemblies will vote on a finished version of the policy in April. Until then it is possible to post comments off of this webpage..

There was a discussion about shared governance launched with remarks about suboptimal confidence in central administration decision-making and instances where there was no adherence  to the principles of cooperation  document.  There was some debate  over whether “educational policy” needs to be more sharply defined in order to properly interpret  Article XIII in the University Bylaws.  It is possible to comment on these and related issues by following the links on the agenda  webpage



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