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UFC Agenda | UFC Minutes | Senate Agenda | Senate Synopsis

UFC Meeting Agenda

President Pollack’s 45 minute visit to the February Senate and a review of the suggested topics: How Cornell is perceived abroad. Status of the task force deliberations. Dean Searches.

Review of the Post-Doc and NTT representation issues.

The College of Business Dean situation

UFC Meeting Minutes

Will advise the President that silence on the CoB deanship issue is not good.

Agreed that an ad hoc committee is needed to make recommendations regarding the representation of NTT faculty in the Senate. Relaxing the rules so that a department can choose to have an NTT faculty member as senator is regarded as a positive option.

Future  meeting topics: The Greek System. Should have back-to-back updates from the CJC and Presidential task force on free speech. The effectiveness of the online reporting systems that are in place.

Senate Meeting Agenda 

Consent Items [2 min]

Charles Walcott

Announcements  [18 min]  [ slides   ]

Charles Van Loan (Dean of Faculty)

The Weiss Awards
Representation for All Academic Title-Holders
The Fraternity/Sorority Judicial System

Update from  Cornell Health on Student Mental Health  [25 min] [slides ]

Tim Marchell  (Director, Skorton Center for Health Initiatives)
Greg Eells  (Director Counseling and Psychological Services)

Cornell Mental Health Framework
Cornell Sun ( Jan 15  Jan 26   Feb 6 )
Cornell Chronicle ( Jan 18 )

Q&A with President Pollack [45 min ]

There will be a focus on (a) perceptions of Cornell from abroad, (b) where we stand on campus climate and NYC, and (c)  dean search processes.


Senate Meeting Synopsis

There were quick overviews of (a) the Fraternity/Sorority Judicial System and how it processed the ZBT Pig Roast incident and (b) a plan to develop improved representation to for non tenure track faculty. More

A presentation by Cornell Health identified the challenges associated with the delivery of quality mental health care for our students.

President Pollack visited for Q&A. In her opening remarks she (a) reaffirmed confidence in the College of Business, (b) cited some freshman admissions stats that bode well for diversity, and (c) spoke highly of student participation on  the Campus Climate Task Force. Sun Article


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