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This month’s Senate meeting will be held 3:30-5:00 on October 11 in 120 Physical Sciences.

UFC Meeting Agenda
1. Carryovers from September because we ran out of time:

The 2016 Work-Life survey. What sort of additional detail would you like to see beyond this? For example, results can be displayed by college, gender, rank, etc

Need a process for updating the faculty handbook. A working draft has been performed on the current faculty handbook to make it easier to use. The work over the summer has basically been a cut and paste job. Broken links have been fixed. Links have been added to various policies that are maintained by other offices. Most of the chapters are in good shape. Others require work (tenure process/appeals)  that will need careful faculty oversight. How do we do it?

2. Update: UFC/Senator at Large Elections

3. Update Need a process for working with graduate students on the follow-up to GPSA 14.

4. Update: Reliable Knowledge. Follow-up activity relating to the senate resolution on reliable knowledge.

5. EPC thoughts on final exam policy. (David Delchamps)

6. New Student Orientation (Peggy Arcadi, Director, New Student Programs). This is will be a chance for faculty to comment on what we would like to see in the expanded orientation that starts Fall 2018. Things have to be finalized this fall.

7. There is a request for time to present Cornell’s annual Sustainability & Climate Action Update to the Faculty Senate. The update will be provided jointly by members of the Senior Leaders Climate Action Group (SLCAG) and/or the President’s Sustainable Campus Committee (PSCC).

8. How do Faculty think about the campus code in light of current events? How might we structure a Senate discussion about the free speech/hate speech issue?

9. Update on the Social Science Review. (Vice Provost Judy Appleton, A&S Associate Dean Ted O’Donoghue)

10. Update on the Learning Management Systems evaluation project  (Vice provost Julia Thom-Levy)


UFC Meeting Minutes

Seems like the next Senate meeting has a LOT of updates. We should ask for materials ahead of time, limit the time available for just talking for each update, and leave time for questions. the EPC, new orientation, climate action, social science review, and learning management system update. (If we spent 10 minutes on each of these topics, that would be a full hour.)

We talked extensively about how the Faculty Senate should move forward on campus climate issues. We agreed that a phase of learning and listening is the right first step, but we wanted to start more slowly than launching the discussion with a “debate”. We propose two things:

1. A resolution condemning recent racially-tinged violence and committing the faculty to working to make things better.
2. An update on bias incidents at Cornell and the reporting system that is in place. Maybe Vijay could come talk on this? The goal would be to learn about the bias reporting system and to understand what various steps are taken after an incident is reported. Lots of examples of how things play out. After this, maybe some statistics on what has been reported, who was alleged offender, etc.

For the November Senate meeting, we will explore how we might put together a discussion of free speech on campus and hate speech codes. There was a desire to avoid a “debate,” and instead focus on an informational conversation. Key topics could include: free speech in America (vs. differences in other places?), limits of free speech, what is and is not permitted under current code, history of hate speech codes, social science understanding of the impact of hate speech — how does this knowledge influence our views of what is and is not permitted?

We were also thinking that maybe we could invite Cornell Interactive Theatre to come to the November Senate meeting and give an abbreviated version of their diversity workshop. The goal would be to motivate the Senate to encourage ALL departments to schedule them to come. Kotlikoff has already offered, in several venues, to cover costs for this.

Senate Meeting Agenda

Call to Order  [1 minute]

C. Walcott

DoF Announcements [10 minutes]

Faculty Handbook Project, Modifying the Campus Code, Work-Life Survey Results, Social Science Review, Elections.

C. Van Loan

slides ]

On the Expanded New Student Orientation [15 min]

Peggy Arcadi, Director,  New Student Programs

slides ]

Learning Management Systems Evaluation project[15 min]

Vice provost Julia Thom-Levy


An Overview of Cornell’s Bias Assessment and Review Team  [15 minutes]

Vijay Pendakur , Dean of Students

UFC-Sponsored Resolution and Vote: On Recent Racial Incidents  [15 minutes]

Professor Durba Ghosh


Cornell Sun (Sept 18)
Cornell Sun (Sept 20)
Chronicle of Higher Education  (Sept 21)
Cornell Sun (Sept 27)
Cornell Sun (Sept 28)
President Pollack’s Statement
Provost Kotlikoff and VP Lombardi Statement
Black Student Union demands.

DoF-to-Faculty Communication [10 minutes]

C. Van Loan

[  slides  ]

Good and Welfare [10 minutes]

Professor Eric Cheyfitz    [Statement]
Professor Yuval Grossman


Senate Meeting Synopsis



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