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UFC Agenda | UFC Minutes | Senate Agenda | Senate Synopsis

This month’s Senate meeting will be held 3:30-5:00 on November 8 in Physical Sciences 120.

UFC Meeting Agenda

The 2017 Cornell Sexual Assault and Related Misconduct Survey

The First Amendment/Hate Speech/Campus Code Scene

The Greek Judicial System

UFC Meeting Minutes

General lament over the CJC situation epitomized by the last minute and counter-productive “town hall” that was staged.

Will try to get the University Counsel to present at the Senate meeting. Discussed topics that would complement Professor Tebbe’s first amendment exposition.

Discovered that there is much to learn about how the Greek System works at Cornell. This is a critical component of the campus climate discussion and the faculty have to be fully educated on the topic.

The climate within the Senate itself was evaluated.  We must lead by example. Opposing views must be entertained without getting personal.

Senate Meeting Agenda

Consent Items [2 min]

Charles Walcott

Announcements  [15 min]  [ slides ]  [ 2017-18 committees ]

Charles Van Loan (Dean of Faculty)

Report from the Educational Policies Committee [10 min]  [ slides ]

David Delchamps (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

New Emeritus Process  (with vote)  [10 min] [ slides ]

Charles Van Loan (Dean of Faculty)

Activities of the Codes and Judicial Committee [15 min] [ slides ]

Risa Lieberwitz (ILR)


First Amendment On Campus [20 min] [  slides ]

Nelson Tebbe (Law)

Background:  1. Hate  Speech is Protected Free Speech, 2.  There is no first amendment right to speak on a college campus , 3. Hate Speech, 4. Classic First Amendment Tradition Under Stress

Regulating Speech: Hate Speech vs Harassment  [20 min]  [  slides   ]

Wendy  Tarlow (Associate University Counsel)

Senate Meeting Synopsis

The DoF will seek clarification on the online syllabus project from the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education.

By consent, the Senate adopted a “laptop-in-class” policy that leaves the decision up to the instructor. More

The new emeritus/a policy was approved (Yes = 46, No = 6, Abstain = 1). More.

The discussions that followed the free speech + campus code presentations indicate that there is much to do and much to learn.  Codes and Judicial Committee   First Amendment   Hate Speech vs Harassment

The full agenda with background materials


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