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UFC  Meeting Agenda Setting Meeting

April 24

Discussion topics:

1. The two resolutions that are up for votes at the May Senate meeting:

               Academic Freedom   Statement

               J.A. Procedures  Sun Article

2. Procedures for voting on the proposed academic calendar. The Academic Calendar Committee has recommended that this ranking ballot be used. Other ways that Senators can communicate their wishes to the Provost include (a) passing resolutions at the May meeting, (b) posting comments on the Committee’s website, and (c) email to Is this OK?

3. How do we move forward with the graduate student / faculty romantic relationship issue? There is activity in the GPSA. See proposed resolution and the Sun article.

4. Creating the title “associate professor emeritus”. The Transition to Emeritus Committee has looked into everything associated with “becoming emeritus”. They recommend this process which requires the creation of the new title.

5. Update on the Snow Day Protocol. Shortly after the March event faculty and staff were asked to share their thoughts via . The 300+ responses have been anonymized and will soon be made available on the DoF website. What next?

6. The faculty handbook needs to be completely revised. How to proceed?


UFC  Meeting Minutes

There was some discussion regarding the two pending resolutions. On the Free speech resolution, the question came up as to what is being fixed? On the J.A. process resolution, there was concern that problems could arise if “going public” was simply the defendant’s call. Suppose a case involve two students, both up for the very same charge. What if one student wanted a public hearing and the other did not?

It was agreed that the calendar ballot should offer more than just the 1-2-3 ranking of the three options. It was decided that the ballot should have provision for leaving a comment.

On the faculty handbook, it was suggested that step 1 might be simply to hire a copy editor who could do a quick pass of the document and then make suggestions.

On GPSA 14, there was consensus that the GPSA (not just the resolution proposers)  had to send a strong signal to the senate before action could be taken.

Senate  Meeting Agenda

DoF Matters [10 minutes]

Academic Calendar  (Discussion and Vote) [50 minutes]

Rebecca Stoltzfus  (Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education)

Charles Van Loan (Dean of Faculty)

The Report of the 2016-17 Academic Calendar Committee

Senate Presentation (4/19)


Resolution on Academic Freedom (Discussion and Vote) [ 15 minutes]

Risa Lieberwitz (ILR)

Statement (Revised)

The Resolution that Supports the Statement

Resolution on Judicial Administrator Procedures (Discussion and Vote) [ 15 minutes]

Richard Bensel (Government)

The Resolution

Substitute Amendment (Richard Bensel)

Background: McBride A, McBride B, McBride C, Union A, Union BDaniel Marshall A, Daniel Marshall B, Daniel Marshall C


Senate Meeting Synopsis

Here are the slides  for  the whole meeting.

There was a brief discussion of calendar options, much of it focused on childcare-related  issues. In particular, it was suggested that Cornell synchronize its Spring break with the local schools. The difficulties associated with this are discussed in the  Committee ‘s Report. (See pages 12, 14, and 15.).

After a small amount of editing, the resolution supporting the Academic Freedom Statement passed: 62 in favor, 7 opposed, and 2 abstain.

Debate about the substitute motion, time, and quorum issues prevented a vote on the resolution concerned with  JA procedures. The discussion will continue in the fall.

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