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UFC Talking Points

  1. New UFC members welcome. (8/8)
  2. UFC transparency. (8/8)
  3. Nominations and Elections update on Committee staffing. (8/8)
  4. Filling suddenly vacant UFC positions–how should it be done? (8/8)
  5. Upcoming search for a new University Librarian. (8/8)
  6. The conduct of Senate Meetings. Should we rethink rules about no recording, no cell phones, etc.? Do we like i-clickers? Should we  videotape the proceedings? (8/8)
  7. Update on the College of Business, Cornell Tech, etc. (8/8)
  8. Possible ad hoc committee to look into various promotion-to-emeritus issues. (8/8)
  9. We need suggestions for a fall faculty forum. (8/8)
  10. President Rawlings will join us at the start to meet the committee members and to learn about our interests and concerns here  at the start of the new semester. (8/15)
  11. The academic calendar–time for a review. (8/25)
  12. Rethink the Faculty Committee on Program Review. (8/29)

UFC Minutes

Hunter talked to us informally about several major issues and current events. These will be presented at the September Senate meeting with ample time for Q&A and follow-up via the website.

We are in pretty good shape with respect to the staffing of the numerous committees.

The group is happy with the idea of having UFC minutes and having greater transparency of the Senate agenda-setting process. Part of the Senate meeting will be presentation plus Q&A about our new way of doing business.

Videotaping  the Senate would be a major expense. Better would be to have the audio recording put up on our website right after  the meeting. This would help Sun reporters produce more accurate articles and would make it that much easier for faculty to follow our activities. Written transcript will be released (as usual)  in a few days when it can be reviewed for accuracy.

We roughed out an idea for a Fall Faculty Forum that would focus on diversity, inclusion, and the value of pedagogical techniques such as trigger warnings. We need a title for the forum and more details regarding its theme. But we will start now thinking about dates and who would be good as a panelist.

The search for a new University Librarian is about to be launched. Laura Spitz and Gretchen Ritter are the co-chairs and we will have a 20-25 minute presentation/Q&A on the topic at the September Senate Meeting.

We are also hoping to have an update on the College of Business (CoB) as well at the September meeting. We need to figure out  the format for this and who from the CoB can be on hand for the Q&A.

We are going to start work on forming a pair of ad hoc committees so that they are ready to roll in a month or so. They are (a) an ad hoc committee to revisit the academic calendar and (b) an ad hoc committee to look at the transition to emeritus  process. In both cases, the faculty will be able to participate in the formation of these committees and the design of their  “marching orders.”

Senate Agenda

3:00-3:20     The Upcoming Year

Hunter Rawlings (President of the University)

3:20-3:45     Discussion with the President

3:45-3:50      Consent Items

3:50-4:00     Senate-Related Processes and Anticipated Topics

Charlie Van Loan (Dean of Faculty)

Chris Schaffer (Associate Dean of the Faculty)

4:00-4:15     Discussion

4:15-4:30     University Librarian Search

Gretchen Ritter (Dean of Arts and Sciences)

Laura Spitz  (Vice Provost of International Affairs)

4:30-5:00    Discussion


President Rawlings urged faculty across the colleges to take a hard look at their curriculum:

The Arts College has already begun to do this:

University-wide thinking on liberal education could emerge from the process.

The President also discussed the Bureaucracy Reduction initiative,

On the tragic stabbing death, the President relayed that the investigation (by the Ithaca Police) is ongoing and making progress.

Charlie Van Loan outlined the structure of the new DoF website emphasizing the importance of having an informed and engaged faculty.

Charlie and Chris Schaffer fielded questions from the floor. Topics included

  1. Academic integrity. Not clear where to find information on the web.
  2. Credit Hours for a Course. The EPC is looking into looking into how they are (should be) determined.
  3. Presidential search. Anxious for a decision. Some unhappiness that the search is (so) closed

Laura Spitz and Gretchen Ritter talked about the search for a new University Librarian

The search committee was announced. Questions and comments from the floor stressed the absolute importance of the University Librarian position and the surrounding governance issues.

Presentation slides for the whole meeting are here:

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