University – ROTC Relationships Committee

The University-ROTC Relationships Committee (URRC) serves as an educational policy committee and hearing board for the program. The URRC also reviews instructional appointments.

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This table is a list of the members of the University-ROTC Relationships Committee, along with the abbreviation of the name of the college they belong to and the year that they are appointed through.

University-ROTC Relationships Committee (URRC) Membership

Member Name:


Appointed through:

Jeffrey Varner (Chair)
COE 2022
Chip Aquadro CAS 2021
Charles Walcott CALS 2022
T. Michael Duncan COE 2021
Peter Loucks COE 2022
Bill Philpot COE 2023
Dean of Faculty Ex Officio
Associate Dean Ex Officio  
Professors of Military, Naval, and Aerospace Studies Ex Officio  

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Annual Reports: 2019-20, 2016-172011-122010-11,  2009-10

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