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Office of the Dean

Educational Policy Committee

The Educational Policy Committee (EPC) is concerned with general educational policies that relate to instruction and involve more than one college, school or separate academic unit. Issues include : grades and grading policies preliminary and final examination policies, University‐wide academic requirements, the  academic calendar, class schedule, and hours of instruction.

More from the Faculty Handbook

       David Delchamps (Chair)
ENG 2019
       David Pizarro CAS 2020
       Ronald Harris-Warrick CALS 2021
       Donald Kenkel CHE 2020
       Andrew Quagliata
BUS 2020
       Robert Thorne  CAS 2020
       Pam Tolbert ILR 2020
       Huseyin Topaloglu TECH 2019
       Ekarina Winarto
       Evan Shapiro Ugrad
       Dean of Faculty Ex Officio
       Associate Dean of Faculty Ex Officio
       Vice Provost for Undergrad Education

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