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Academic Programs & Policies Committee

The Committee on Academic Programs and Policies (CAPP)  concerns itself with academic programs and policies which are independent of or extend beyond the single or joint jurisdiction of a school or college faculty. It initially screens formal proposals for new academic programs, degrees, or policies. CAPP also examines policies governing the use of, and plans for, University-wide academic facilities and services, such as libraries, classrooms and computers. (More)

      Michael Tomlan (Chair)
AAP 2018
      Michael King COE 2017
      David Levitsky CHE 2018
      Fred Schneider CIS 2018
      Harry Shaw
CAS 2017
      Patrick Stover CHE 2017
      Mark Milstein
COB 2019
      Qi Wang CHE 2019
      Vacant  Student
      Steven Jackson INFO SCI 2019
      Dean of Faculty  Ex Officio
      Associate Dean of Faculty  Ex Officio

Last Updated: January 5, 2017 at 10:56 am