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Faculty Advisory Committee on Athletics and Physical Education

The Faculty Advisory Committee on Athletics an Physical Education (FACAPE) is concerned with how the programs of the Department of Athletics and Physical Education can best complement and support the overall educational objectives of the University. Issues include academics, admissions, and the student athlete, working with the NCAA, the IVY league, and the ECAC, and the PE requirement. (More)

      Frank Rossi  (Chair) CALS 2018
     Rosemary Avery CHE 2018
     Bradford Bell ILR 2019
     Paul Bowser VET 2019
      Jon Conrad
CALS 2017
      Dale Grossman CALS 2018
      Dexter Kozen CIS 2018
      Matt Miller COE 2017
      Andrea Simitch AAP 2019
      Jacob P. Richards Student
      Vacant Student
      Dean of Faculty Ex Officio
      Associate Dean of Faculty Ex Officio
      Director of Athletics Ex Officio
      Eligibility Officer Ex Officio

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Annual Reports:    2010-20112009-2010,   2008-2009

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