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As with most large complex organizations, committees are where the “real” work gets done. Sometimes the work on faculty committees involves review and approval, e.g., a tenure case or  a new degree program. On other occasions, a committee may research a problem and then educate the broader community about what was learned through a report or a presentation. Because new policies and structures can emerge upon the recommendation of a committee, it is important for all faculty to pay attention to this aspect  of shared governance.

Senate Committees

These are standing committees that are set up by the Senate and staffed through the Dean of Faculty Office.

Provost Committees*

These are organized by the Office of the Provost and typically have rather specific charges that address long term issues.

Vice Provost for Research Committees*

These relate to the ethical and safe conduct of research.

Ad Hoc Committees*

These are formed to address specific (often pressing) issues that require timely processing.


*Their staffing frequently involves the Dean of Faculty Office and the Senate.

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