The Associate Dean

Neema Kudva, Associate Professor

Neema Kudva is Associate Professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning (AAP) and House Professor and Dean at Becker House. She is Faculty Lead of the Nilgiris Field Learning Center (NFLC), and serves on the Steering Committee of the South Asia Program, as faculty fellow of the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, and as affiliate of the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs. Prior to joining Cornell in 2001, Kudva was a visiting lecturer at Stanford and worked as a consultant to public planning agencies in the San Francisco Bay area, and as an architect in India and Europe. She received her Dip.Arch. from the School of Architecture, CEPT, in Ahmedabad, India; and her M.Arch./M.C.P. and Ph.D. from the University of California–Berkeley.

Kudva brings a wide range of relevant experience from her collaborative research and teaching with faculty colleagues in CRP, at the NFLC and community-based organizations to her work with staff from the educational, residential and operations sides of the University in her role as House Professor and Dean at Becker. This unique combination gives her a broad outlook on many issues. Kudva is committed to working collaboratively, and fostering transparent and effective communication between faculty and the administration towards the collective goal of shared governance.

Neema Kudva’s research focuses on understanding growth and development of small cities and their regions, and on institutional structures and organizational practices for equitable planning and development at the local level. She has explored various aspects of these issues primarily in South Asia but also in the U.S., and across the world, with her students. She is involved in pedagogical experiments around citizenship and sustainability planning at the Nilgiris Field Learning Center, Kotagiri, a transdisciplinary collaboration between Cornell and the Keystone Foundation, India.

In her role as Associate Dean of the Faculty, Kudva will strive to help build a supportive environment for faculty in their roles as researchers, educators, public intellectuals, and employees—recognizing the multiple ways in which faculty are embedded in their disciplines, workplace, communities, and families. She believes that bringing new and different perspectives to bear on the duties of supporting the Cornell University faculty as we continue to renew and build the university is critically important. Kudva is available to listen to everyone in the Cornell community who wishes to bring their thoughts and perspectives to bear on conversations in the Committees for which the Associate Dean is responsible with the Dean of Faculty, and the administration.

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