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Faculty Elections: Need Candidates

We all want to have a University Faculty that is strong, informed, and effective. Please consider running for one of the positions described below. Or, suggest somebody who you think would be good!

University Faculty Committee (UFC): 3 slots for current Senators; 2 slots for non-Senators; 3-year term. This committee sets the Senate agenda and meets frequently with the Provost and President to represent the views of the faculty to the administration.

Nominations and Elections (N&E): 3 slots; 3-year term.
This committee works to identify qualified and interested individuals to serve on a broad variety of standing and ad-hoc committees.

At-Large Senators 4 slots for tenured faculty; 2 slots for non-tenured tenure-track faculty; 3 year term.
At-large Senators are elected from the faculty as a whole, rather than through individual units, but otherwise serve as normal Senators.